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Advanced Bodybuilding Posing With Mike Sullivan and Tim Rosiek Part 1

The art of posing in bodybuilding can be the difference between winning and loosing or being 8th or 3rd in a good line up. When competition is tight at a high level and the differences between the top 6-8 are so marginal it is super important to stand out in the crowd.

Mike Sullivan has been a master poser and master posing instructor for over 3 decades and has had the honour of being the first British athlete at they age of 14 to do a guest spot at the Mr Olympia contest.

In this video there are some great pointers regarding stage presence, how to get noticed on stage and Mike showing how to work with music for you posing routine. Every competitive bodybuilder should be able to show off their physique to make sure the judges notice them. Whats the point of dieting for 20 weeks, being in the best possible shape possible and then ruining it at the most important time on that bodybuilding stage.

Take the time to watch this video and make use of the tips and advice and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Also don’t forget there is a basic compulsory and quarter turn video to watch which has already been posted on thus site.

Remember to post in for the challenge for Mike ready for part 2 of this video guys.