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High Activation Back Workout With Tim Rosiek And Ben Newman

Here is a high activation, high intensity back workout. This back workout incorporates time under tension and activating the target muscle to its fullest. We cover the full back starting with a warm up which makes the muscle switch on and activate. We then target the horizontal bent over row to work our lats, with a killer drop set at the end. We then move on to close grip pulldowns which hits the middle part of our lats and lower traps, also incorporating a killer drop set at the end. Next was wide assisted chins this hits the width we are trying to achieve. This exercise is amazing at doing the negative and believe me you will get the burn of your life after this. Finally we hit shrugs which hit the traps, we sat down and lent forward to target the activation in the mid trap area which we wanted to focus on.

This workout is a killer and I tell you now you will be in serious pain for days to come.