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Interview With IFBB Pro Fay Simone Ellis And Tim Rosiek

Here we have an interview with one of my good friends IFBB Pro Fay Ellis, one of bodybuilding’s newest Pro Athletes. She discusses her journey through the female classes in her career so far. She talks about her nutrition and training styles too to give you a great idea into how she does things from day to day. Lots of great information to help any bodybuilder especially the budding female bodybuilder who can learn an awful lot from Fay.

I remember Fay around 7 years ago in the gym in Crewe, where she was a first timer who had amazing potential but was still at the beginning of her journey as her knowledge at the time was minimal. She now has one of the best shapes in female bodybuilding and has a great career ahead of her.

There is lots of nutritional information including intra workout ideas and food in general. Fay also talks about her contest preparation and how she gets ready for the bodybuilding stage.

There is lots of information to gain here to listen absorb and enjoy.