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Interview With Paul Rowe Masters British And World Bodybuilding Champion with Tim Rosiek

Paul Rowe has had an amazing Masters Bodybuilding career so far. He has won the NABBA and UKBFF British Championships and the NABBA Worlds. He has also come 2nd in the NABBA Universe too.

Paul has a great attitude to bodybuilding and you will gain plenty of knowledge from listening to his training and dietary methods. He has streamlined his meal prep so it doesn’t affect his home life and this is a huge aspect a lot of Bodybuilders have.

Paul has a great attitude to bodybuilding and this is his advantage, his passion, drive and the support from his amazing wife Wendy are all the characteristics you will need for success in this field.

We have a great shoulder workout session coming which you can see on the website too. This incorporates some of the interesting training methods Paul Rowe has used to leap him to one of the best Master Bodybuilders on the circuit today.

Hope you enjoy the content and use the information to your advantage, to become the best bodybuilder you can be.