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L-Glutamine Use In Bodybuilding

L-Glutamine makes up 61% of your skeletal muscle so it shouldn’t be ignored for bodybuilding. It’s actually the most abundant amino acid in the body.

It’s proven that taking L-Glutamine while exercising will minimise the breakdown for your own muscle tissue. This is because when you train your bodies levels of L-Glutamine drop and if you intake it while you train then the potential catabolic nature of you breaking your muscle tissue down to replace these reserves will be reduced. This shouldn’t be ignored especially when you’re dieting for your bodybuilding show when you’re most vulnerable to being catabolic. Not only this anti catabolic effect, L-Glutamine is well researched for improving your gut health and immune system. If you can fit this into your supplement budget you won’t look back I assure you. I use this every workout and will do for my entire bodybuilding journey for sure.