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The Top 14 Things To Avoid In The Gym

We all have our little gripes in the gym when we see someone doing an exercise incorrectly or generally doing something daft. I have seen many interesting things in my 20 years of training including a woman exercising on a bike and eating a whole packet of penguin biscuits to two ladies turn up at the gym on mobility scooters to go and walk on a treadmill, yes you have heard this right.

This video is based on in my opinion are the biggest mistakes which generally happen in the fitness industry today. Some of them will seem minor but if you take note they will increase your efficiency, intensity and overall quality of your workouts. This will pay dues by increasing your potential to grow muscle mass over a period of time making you the best bodybuilder you could be.

People who are constantly on the phone for example can’t be training intensely enough to build serious muscle mass. How do you think you could build muscle by eating a mars bar? Or even get in the right mood to train in an environment like a health club if you’re serious about packing on the beef. If you want to be a bodybuilder you need to train in a gym with the same self minded people to keep you motivated to keep growing. How can you build and recover if you’re never resting? How can you work your target muscle if your swinging your weights all over the place? and to get to failure to really penetrate the muscle you want to hit so you can grow properly you will have to go through a few forced or untidy reps which some bodybuilders won’t do. Holding onto a treadmill when you’re doing your fasting cardio is a big bug bearer of mine, you will burn half he calories so what’s the point? If you go to the gym tired and cant train is that beneficial to grow big muscles? How can you train intensely if you’re in a big group it’d impossible? Why do some bodybuilders think it’s a good idea to train every exercise they have in their arsenal for one body part every time they go the gym? Have a look at the Blood And Guts video and see how few working sets Dorian Yates used and I don’t think your that big right!

Guys and girlies why do so many bodybuilders leave their weights out after they have used them. It’s just lazy, disrespectful to the gym and bad manners. Look after your gym and you will get more respect from everyone around you.

Enjoy the video guys.