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The Uses of Cyclic Dextrin in Bodybuilding

There has been a lot of science done in recent years with regards to the importance of carbohydrates and recovery and fuel for training. With this we have discovered that with no hesitation that carbohydrates with help energise your workouts and help you train harder and for longer. But most importantly for bodybuilders it has been shown that the quicker you replace the glycogen you use during training the quicker you will recover from training. So over time faster muscle growth, which is totally what bodybuilders want to hear. In actual fact there are studies out there which explain that you can’t start the rebuilding process within the muscle until the glycogen stores are recovered. This is now something you need to understand if you want to grow big muscles like all you bodybuilders do.

Previously we have talked about maltodextrin in the recovery process as this has been used for decades with great effect. New science has now come up with a much faster way of filling up your glycogen stores, in fact up to 200 times faster. This is where cyclic dextrin or cluster dextrin comes in. It is much faster at emptying through the gut and is much faster at being absorbed too. In the video I explain my experience with over the past half a year and I have noticed great results for sure.

Not only is it faster at being absorbed it does not increase your insulin levels, this means you will not get as fat off season, another dream for a competitive bodybuilder. My results also back this statement up. I am carrying much more muscle size than last year and I am 1 stone lighter so much less body fat for sure.

We also talk about intra and post workout shakes and shaping the carbohydrates from maltodextrin to cyclic dextrin.

Enjoy the video guys.